Tiffany Lazic


Leaping From Zeus’ Head: How Athena Helps Combat Negative Thinking

(Originally published in Llewellyn’s Witches Companion Almanac, July 2015) It is dark. The lights are off. The mysterious moon is high in the sky. There is no glow from television, computer, nor even phone. Melatonin should be working its slumbering magic. The sandman should have visited by now. Fluffy sheep have proven to be of no use whatsoever. Stretched out on your place of rest and restoration under the blanket of the quiet night, the thoughts which have been playing at a low thrum all day rise to a twisted cacophony. You feel like the embodiment of the nine of

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She is nasty, this child-killing, hairy-legged demoness. Terrifying men, women and children for a couple of thousand years. So much so that special incantation bowls were made to protect households against her, women were warned not to leave their husbands or children alone in a house in case she came and prayer circles inscribed with angels’ names were drawn around cribs. She is mentioned only once in the Old Testament (and that, a later addition in order to fix up an inconsistency) and yet – what a lot of power she held to terrify! What exactly is her story? If

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Reflections of Her: Brighid

Though it is difficult to find many myths and stories about Brighid, She is one of the most loved of the Celtic pantheon and was known throughout the ancient world with slight variations to Her name.

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Yvonne Lacey’s Retirement Speech 1987

As I am the first lady staff member to end her teaching career at UTS, I felt I should like to say a few words. In 1907 Nellie McClung began to fight for women’s rights in Canada. In 1929, as a member of the Alberta legislature, she was instrumental in having passed a bill whereby women were declared to be persons.

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Embracing the Divine Child Within

One of the things I love most about working with the Wheel of the Year is how precisely applicable it is to our own inner life. Certainly, the Festivals that lie around the Wheel are connected with the agricultural cycle. For our ancient forebears, to ignore such a cycle meant disaster on a very tangible level. Without supplies and stores to bring the Tribe through the winter months, starvation and death were a very real possibility. An enormous amount of focus and energy went into meeting the basic needs of food, shelter and safety. The eight Festivals, as we know

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