Tiffany Lazic

Intuitive Consultation &
Energy Healing Sessions

Single sessions focused on spiritual and intuitive guidance are available with Tiffany Lazic. Tiffany has worked with the Tarot and energy healing modalities for over three decades and had been teaching these practices for 25 years after an intensive 5 year apprenticeship.

All sessions are an hour in length. The cost is $169.50CAD (Canada)/£100 (UK). Please check which sessions are only available in-person.

These sessions are intended to be brief, informative “tune-up” sessions. For more in-depth work, please inquire about Spiritual Psychotherapy or Spiritual Direction sessions.

* All intuitive and energy healing modalities marked with an asterix have been created by Tiffany Lazic.

Hynni Healing *

Similar to Reiki, this integrative energy healing modality was developed by Tiffany Lazic and illustrated in the books, The Great Work: Self-Knowledge and Healing Through the Wheel of the Year and The Noble Art: From Shadow to Essence Through the Wheel of the Year. Hynni (pronounced 'honey') healing provides inner alignment in conjunction with natural cycles with a focus on transforming that which keeps us weighed down into the shining Light of Essence.

Chakra Consultation & Balancing

​Restore and rejuvenate with a relaxing, therapeutic session. This integrative approach uses pendulum assessment, Western energy healing and sound healing elements. Chakra consult includes a personalized energy map and guidance for keeping one's energy flowing.

Shamanic Soul Journeying

The Unity Drum is the largest Vibratory Care Drum in the world. Vibrations emitted by the drum totally envelope you, distributing frequencies to the heart of each cell, helping you to harmonize and connect to your original vibration. Soul journeying through sonotherapy is a powerful, immersive sound healing experience. "La Delfina" will take you on a phenomenal journey back to Self.
Available in person only.
Bangor, Wales.


Using a wide range of instruments attuned to each of the chakras and a range of breathtaking singing bowls - including a massive stand in singing bowl - this immersive session brings your energy field into harmony and invites clarity of mind and inspiration of spirit.
Available in person only.
Bangor, Wales.

Tarot Consultation

Approaching the Tarot as one of the premiere tools for self-insight, a consult session can help illuminate both strengths and blocks, allowing one to move more consciously into a future of choice and intention.

Alchemical Journeys Reading *

What role are you embodying at this point in your journey? What is the spirit guiding your path at this time? What is the wisdom to be sought? This reading uses 5 different decks to provide insight into the purpose and gift of this particular time in your own hero/hera's journey.

Soul Map Consultation *

​Combining the archetypes of Tarot numerology and visioning with guided visualization and soul mapping, this is a perfect session for those in a time of transition and change or for those seeking information about Life and Soul Purpose.

Crystal Mandorla *

​The beauty of sacred geometry. The power of crystal healing. The cleansing of sacred water. The release through sound healing. The invitation to be transformed and renewed.
Available in person only.
Bangor, Wales.

Crystal Fibonacci *

The spiral calls us to witness the glorious expansion from the tiniest potential to unlimited expression. The Crystal Mandorla Energy Healing approach invites transformation through synthesis. The Crystal Fibonacci Energy Healing approach celebrates abundant manifestation.
Available in person only.
Bangor, Wales.

Chakra Moonstone Energy Bath *

​A beautiful, mysterious stone that opens us to intuition and deep emotional healing, the moonstone was thought by the Romans to be solidified rays of captured moonlight. This healing session incorporates 8 different moonstones aligned with each chakra including the Soul Star Chakra. Experience a gemstone moon bath and awaken to your intuitive senses on a whole new level.
Available in person only.
Bangor, Wales.


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