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Spiritual Psychotherapy Group Therapy

Sharing the Courageous Journey

Spiritual Psychotherapy Group Therapy brings a multifaceted and multi-dimensional approach to inner work and emotional healing, holding the excavation and sharing of one’s authentic and empowered Self in a safe and supportive group context as the guiding theme over the course of several sessions.

Embark on your journey to self-knowledge and healing with Soul Alchemist Group Therapy

Using The Great Work: Self-Knowledge and Healing Through the Wheel of the Year and The Noble Art: From Shadow to Essence Through the Wheel of the Year to provide a framework for the inner journey and the Soul Alchemist Journal to track the experience, this year long journey invites the development of a deep and courageous relationship with self.
  • Forging the Alchemical Crucible
  • Cycle 1: Roots and Foundations (GW); From Risk to Release (NA)
    Activating the Spark of Essence Within
    Exploring Family-of-Origin, Ancestral Legacy, and Personal Original Pain
    Claiming the Precious Prima Materia (Creating the Values Diamond)
  • Cycle 2: Gifts from the Inner Child (GW); The Narcissist/Empath Spectrum (NA)
    Activating the Child Within
    Exploring Codependency, Emotional Fluency, and Healthy Feelings
    Dissolving the Barriers to Our Needs (Building Your Personal Emotion Hive)
  • Cycle 3: Nurturing Empowerment and Self-Esteem (GW); New Paths to Dispute Resolution (NA)
    Activating the Older Child Within
    Exploring the Difference between Defences and Boundaries
    Separating Self from Other (Many Paths, One Journey)
  • Cycle 4: Union and Partnerships (GW); Fanning Your Spark into Flame (NA)
    Activating the Adolescent Within
    Exploring the Impact of Core Issues
    Kindling Core Meaning (Claiming the Three Fires)
  • Cycle 5: Shining Our Truth and Creativity (GW); From Mask to Mandala (NA)
    Activating the Adult
    Exploring Subpersonalities, Masks, and Inner Family Systems
    Melting the Barriers to Self-Expression (Crafting the Mandala of Self)
  • Cycle 6: Visioning Self (GW); The Cultivation of Resilience (NA)
    Activating the Older Adult Within
    Exploring the Impact of Core Negative Beliefs
    Distilling Positive Vision for Manifestation (The Sacred Self Vision Statement)
  • Cycle 7: Effects of Gratitude on Life Purpose (GW); From Wounded to Wonder (NA)
    Activating the Elder Within
    Exploring Life Purpose, Higher Purpose, Sacred Purpose
    Claiming the Wondrous Philosopher’s Stone (Drafting an Illumined Contract)
  • Cycle 8: Healing from Loss (GW); From Despair to Transmutation (NA)
    Activating the Stillness Within
    Exploring Ungrieved Losses and Wholeness
    Preparing for the Sacred Return (Entering the Holiest of Holies)
  • Releasing the Alchemical Crucible


The Soul Alchemist Journal

Next session starts December 14, 2023 and runs every 2 weeks until December 2024.

Cost: £1,200 which can be paid monthly in 12 instalments. Special rate of £1,000 if paid in full before first session.

Please note that the cost includes a digital version of the Soul Alchemist Journal. Arrangements can be made to purchase a physical copy, if that is preferred.

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