Tiffany Lazic

The Havening Techniques®

A powerful technique to address old pain based in Western biology

What is The Havening Techniques® approach?

Developed by Drs. Ronald and Steven Ruden, The Havening Techniques® is a method designed to de-traumatize the memory and remove its negative effects from both our psyche and body. The approach belongs to a larger body of methods called psychosensory therapies which use sensory input to alter thought, mood, and behaviour. Other psychosensory therapies include Emotional Freedom Techniques (more commonly known as “tapping”) and EMDR. 

The Havening Techniques themselves are a system comprised of protocols and methods that uses touch as a therapeutic tool.  When touch is applied in a specific way, either by the client or practitioner, particularly when combined with expert guidance, the effect on the brain and the psyche is profound. The Havening Techniques have three (3) distinct applications—the first is for emotional disturbances and encoded psychological trauma; the second is for wellness, stress management, and peak performance; and the third is a self-help tool. 

Though touch is integral to a Havening session, it is not necessary to have an in session person. The approach is as effective – and in some cases more effective, done as an online session.

For a brief introduction to the approach, see the video below:


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